West Bridgewater, MA – Lowe’s Marketplace

Atlantic Development acquired a 30-acre parcel of underutilized land at the Route 24 / 106 interchange and transformed it into an exciting mixed-use shopping center that includes a regional bank, restaurants, and a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. The site had been designated by the state as an official Area of Critical Environmental Concern, which presented a unique set of challenges for development. Through careful planning, building relationships of trust with local officials, and determination, Atlantic Development used its experience and expertise to create a thriving commercial development, always mindful of addressing all of the environmental concerns and protecting endangered species and wildlife habitat.

“The full planning and permitting process was accomplished in less than a year and was completed in a very professional manner by Atlantic Development and all of its experts. The result is a beautiful development that has provided over 200 jobs and pays the Town over $300,000 a year in new real estate tax revenue.”

Elizabeth Faricy, West Bridgewater Town Administrator